• Company tenet

  • Corporate Vision

  • Corporate values

  • innovate

Our Purpose

It’s our happiness to find solution for you.
We focus on effective customer service, from the customer needs, adhere to the ethical standards of the industry, praise the cautious and conscientious, excellence and the spirit of ownership.
The leading market position, increasing profits and value, make the life of all employees and the company more prosperous.

Corporate Vision

To become a leader in lubrication materials and engineering services

Corporate values

? The key to success is to stick to the market where creative innovation is practical
? Employees are always the company's most valuable assets
? For every employee, the long-term development of teplink is our primary goal
? Respect every employee: believe that every employee is willing to give full play to their potential
? Professionalism and code of conduct: the company encourages employees to learn for life, respect the facts and continuously learn to improve their own quality
? Compliance with ethical standards and business standards of integrity is the standard of our daily work
? Our business direction is clear and based on agreed goals and strategies

Innovation is the cornerstone of our success: the concrete expression of a team's cohesion and creativity

? We attach importance to the change and development of the company's external environment, and strive to best understand customers and their needs
? We value individual expertise and believe that it is the responsibility of every employee to constantly improve ourselves and develop others
? We strive to be the best in all our strategies for a short time。

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