Our Commitment

We deeply understand the existence of enterprise base on the society and everyone should contribute himself to the development of society and economy,the so-called “Taken from society, is used in society”. we commit ourselves to the sustainable development and seek for the solution benefit for the environment and energy. Every kind of raw material we put into use and every new kind of product we put into research are all throughout be considered for the environment, society and other element.

Chemicla raw material

From the first barrel of lubricant oil, every kind of resource is strictly complied with the national and international standards, the suppliers are screened by complete set of procedures and we grade all manufacturers of raw materials after using for several months. We enhance our production by ceaseless optimization. We advocate for the energy resource-saving production methods, whether it’s the first drop of base oil or the thousands different kind of additives we use for our final product, all have been carefully sourced and tested according to international and environmental standards. Form the beginning of the production plant to right now, we adhere to these ideas as follow: Sources are limited and precious, and therefore should be used wisely. If enterprise didn’t set itself an example to others and use the resources unreasonably, that would be result in accelerating the decrease of the energy and the future generations would face survival crisis; 2.“Taken from society, is used in society”. enterprise is part of society and its our target to make contribution to the society. 3. Every resource is strictly tested and unsure its harmless to the environment and staff. we implement the HSE policy and care much about the health of staff, safety production and environment protection. 4. Pay much attention to the use of environment-technology in research and production. For example the cyclic utilization of goods, harmless resource substitute for the non-environmental materials. we set pollution free as our target.in the past few years of research, we put our best teams into the environmental protection project and didn’t add bad influence to the surrounding.

Scientific methods

Here at T&L Chemical we understand that sustainability is more than just a catchphrase but requires the support of strong scientific methods. We incorporate strict process monitoring, from source material, storage to R&D, manufacturing to finished product distribution, including product toxicity, hazard (flammable), degradability among other aspects. We encourage every employee to come up with new ideas, no matter big or small to constantly improve the productivity and sustainability. We also evaluate our suppliers according to their standard of sustainability and regards to the environment.

Product safety and surveillance

We incorporate strict process monitoring from source material, storage to R&D, manufacturing to finished product distribution, including product toxicity, hazard(flammable), degradability among other aspects. Every step is closely monitored and archived to ensure optimal production safety. The manufacturing process is the main focus point of surveillance. We make sure that all our manufacturing standards including waste management are according to national and international standards. At T&L product safety and surveillance are a organic combination, every member should follow and self-supervise the ensure safety at work.

HSE principals

HES ( health (H-Health), (S-Safety) and the environment (E-Environment)) management system was established by the Anglo-Dutch Shell oil company that was later translated to ISO/CD14690 by International Standard Organization and later into China's oil and gas industry standards, that is, SY/T6276-1997. HSE policy in China is safety first, all member hands-on, comprehensive management; improve the environment, protect health and scientific management, and sustainable development. HSE objectives are to achieve zero accidents, zero injuries, zero pollution, zero injuries zero poisoning by implementing HSE management T&L have been trying to unify manufacturing, man and environment with the implementation of 5s management.

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