our advantages

● We have the ability to independently produce and develop a full range of special lubricants
● Complete product range
● Scientific and meticulous lubrication system management, for each customer tailored lubrication scheme
● Provide comprehensive lubrication technical guidance, as well as rapid response lubrication engineering services
● Conduct regular systematic evaluation and control of raw materials

Technical service team

● More than 20 engineers with more than 20 years of experience in lubricant development and service
● Make regular visits to customers and provide on-site services
● Our team has a number of independent research and development technology
● Our service team is located in most provinces and cities of China

Technological exchange

T&L participates in or holds technical exchange meetings every year.Carry out oil product professional knowledge training for customers, and hold industry seminars from time to time.Adhere to the customer needs from the point of view, continue to provide customers with reasonable lubrication solutions.

  • 特浦朗克參加德國鋁工業展

  • 代理商大會

  • 2019年中國國際鋁展

  • 特浦朗克第三代熱軋乳液發布會

Product testing

● Test items: Detect different parameters. According to the variety of oil tested and the use of the different cycle.
● Oil detection frequency: the new equipment needs to strengthen the frequency of oil monitoring, for normal use of equipment, only need to carry out regular testing
● Oil testing laboratory: teplink research and development center has professional research and development testing equipment. Provide technical advice on lubrication, effectively guide the use of oil products.
● Timeliness of the report: after receiving the oil sample, the laboratory shall analyze the oil sample and issue the test report within 7 working days. (exceptional)

Product recommendation

T&L relies on years of case accumulation and expert-level research and development service team.We can provide customers with targeted product application solutions Truly recommend products from the perspective of customer needs and solve problems for customers.

TSST comprehensive lubrication management system.

● We introduce the concept of modern lubrication management and scientific management methods, the enterprise production process and lubrication oil related to the complete process management

T—Technology : technology
S—Service : service
S—System : system
T--T&L : T&L
TSST define : Complete process management related to lubrication products in production
TSST target : Reduce enterprise production management comprehensive cost, scientific management, quantitative

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